Le Cle

We introduced an automated Autozip machine which can add an extra lane to the congested road by using a lane from the opposite side of the road. Since there is high rate of congestion in the UAE and mainly in emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman.. this would solve a big problem and save alot of time. We are looking forward to develop it in such a manner that it would intially start manually (driver controlled) and in the future to be fully automated (no driver control) since the UAE has a vision to have driverless cars by the year 2019. However, it should have human control incase of emergency or any other cause. Moreover, the material proposed for the development of the concretes of this system, can help reduce the time it takes for the full completion of the operation, which is cheaper to develop and easily affordable. We used real-time data from bayanat to know the exact timings of congested roads and accordingly develop this system (autozip machine) to these roads.

Roba Abdulgadir
Zeina Zenjarli
Waad Salah
Lubna Salah
Leen Maksoud