There is more to the UAE than deserts. We want people to understand the local ecology, to care about protecting it, and to spend their time outside amidst nature. Our solution is a web application to encourage exploration and engagement with the natural environment of the UAE. Using a combination of the tourism and environmental protection open data from as well as other data from the UN and geo-tagged public photographs in tweets, we created interactive graphs and maps. You can hover, click and zoom to get more information and you can share the visualization to your social media accounts. In addition to the visualizations, we have a discussion forum where solutions to environmental problems are presented for people to propose solutions and vote. Also, visitors can mark and recommend locations of interest across the UAE for others to explore and these recommendations can be set as seasonal activities.

Alya Rashed Alqaydi
Lamya Rashed Alqaydi
Omar Rashed Alqaydi