For the UAE Hackathon, priority is given to teams that incorporate a portion of UAE government-supplied data into their solutions. Datasets are available on the bayanet portal, please visit and download data before arriving to the hackathon. Below are a sample of available datasets according to the hackathon subthemes, though any data are welcome that contribute to the goal of Happiness.

Environmental Protection

Mitigating climate change and protecting the environment have never been this urgent. Innovative solutions can make this humungous task achievable.

Sample of available data:

  • Farms areas, crops, and yields disaggregated by Emirate
  • Cow farms and annual milk production disaggregated by Emirate
  • Global weather trends and rainfall
Health & Safety

World-class healthcare system and safety are amongst the main aims of Vision 2021. Hence, the hackathon seeks to obtain solutions in this field.

Sample of available data:

  • Attendance of hospitals, disaggregated to the district level
  • Immunization coverage, disaggregated to the district level
  • Number of healthcare professionals and their specialities
  • Frequency of referrals to specialists
Gender Balance

The UAE leads in gender balance and aims to further its position globally by ensuring that Emirati women continue to play a leading role in the development of the UAE.

Sample of available data:

  • Gender-disaggregated numbers of teachers, school aged children, and graduation rates
  • Gender-specific hospital care
  • Number of women in leadership roles

More datatsets can be found on bayanet:

Sustainable Development (in a post-oil era)

The hackathon aims to develop solutions for the UAE’s sustainable development, relying on innovation and data analysis.

Sample of available data:

  • Donations from organizations and government entities donations to sustainable causes worldwide
  • Customer Service center locations for relevant ministries, including ministry of environment
  • Satellite data tracking land usage and weather patterns

Education was, and remains to be, pivotal for building the capacity of the UAE nationals and enabling them to participate in making the bright future for their country.

  • Location of government run schools across the country
  • Number of students and teachers for school and grades
  • Graduation rates and fields of study
Transportation and traffic congestion

The UAE Government is looking at easing transportation and traffic congestion at peak hours to save public time and fuel.

Sample of available data:

  • Location of traffic accidents, parking violations, available parking spaces
  • Location of airports across the country and arrival and departure traffic
Enhancement of Social Relations in the UAE Community

Sample of available data:

  • Donations from organizations and government entities donations to sustainable causes worldwide
  • Inventory of charitable organizations in the UAE
Enhancement of Lifestyle in the UAE

Sample of available data:

  • Exercise and wellness trends during month of Fitness Challenge
  • Geospatial data on parks and green spaces

UAE Open Data Portal

Each of these and more UAE datasets can be found on the main portal: Additional UAE datasets are also available from from ministries and municipalities, a sample set can be found here