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DATA FOR HAPPINESS - Open Data Challenge

Dates: February through International Open Data Day, March 3, 2018


The UAE Government is interested in exploring how to identify, share, and use open data for civic projects and expand citizen and civic engagement to advance participation in governmental affairs for social good.

Hence, we at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, under our responsibility to develop smart government at the federal level in the UAE, are launching the UAE Hackathon under the motto ‘Data for Happiness’.

We are inviting you to participate and get the chance to be part of our mission to contribute to the future of the UAE by sharing this experience with hundreds of young people in the seven emirates of the UAE.


This project will create an opportunity for hundreds of young people to use open data as a tool for innovation and to boost economic growth. Youth will be able to analyse data and come up with solutions that will advance the UAE towards a prosperous and happy future.